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This blog is a collection of how-to guides and tutorials on how to use Microsoft Project technologies in your day-to-day running of a project and a Project Management Office (PMO).

I work for Intervate, a T-Systems South Africa company, as Head of Operations focused on the day-to-day business, while delivering Kofax document and data capture, SharePoint ECM, and mobile Smart Process Apps. I love all things geeky!

I have in-depth knowledge of project and service delivery, gained from more than 15 years in the industry, delivering 100’s of projects for Intervate’s customers. My broad management experience and leadership is helping to position Intervate’s Imaging & Capture division as the leading Kofax partner in Africa.

I am certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), PRINCE2 Practitioner, Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft Project Server 2010. As a member of AIIM, and the Project Management Instituite (PMI), I am actively contributing to the industry via social media and this blog at http://shaundicker.com.


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  1. Shaun,

    sorry for doing this in this way, but my post and replies on the MPUG forum don’t seem to show my text……..
    It is about Project2010 without Server, Dutch language, SP1 installed.
    Attach a project plan to the Resourcepool, save it.
    Open another mpp (or create a new one) and project crashes with the error message
    “Er is een probleem met de kalendernaam. De kalendernaam bestaat niet. Klik op een kalender in de lijst en druk op Enter”.
    Translated: There is a problem with the calendar name. The calendername does not exist. Click on a calendername in the list and press Enter”.

    However, the to-be-opened (or to-be-created) mpp uses only the standard calendars……..
    And this has happened to (at least) two of my clients….

    Any idea?
    Or who to turn to at Microsoft?
    You help/ideas are greatly appreciated!

    Ben Wiegers

    1. Hi Ben,

      I have not personally seen this error before, but as a first step I would check what calendar your schedule is trying to access. From the Ribbon, select Project > Project Information and check the calendar. Then check that this calendar exists. From the Ribbon, select Project > Change Working Time and check the For calendar setting.

      From here you can either fix the calendar in the Change Working Time window or create a New Calendar. If none of this works, I would most probably reset my global.mpt file back to the factory defaults. This will get rid of any customizations or corruption that you may have. To clear the global.mpt file:

      1) Close Microsoft Project
      2) Make a backup copy of Global.MPT in your C:\Users\[your login name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MS Project\14\1033 folder.
      3) Once you have made a backup of the file, DELETE the Global.MPT file.
      4) Open Microsoft Project.
      5) Close Microsoft Project. (no need to save or do anything else). A new Global.MPT file has been created, all with default settings!

      I hope this helps and get’s rid of the error!


  2. Removing the Global.MPT file worked for me too :o)

    On Windows XP the path to the file is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[your login name]\Application Data\Microsoft\MS Project\14\1033

  3. Hi Shaun,

    I saw this article: http://shaundicker.com/blog/2011/04/how-to-create-a-work-breakdown-structure-wbs/

    First of all, nice article 🙂
    But, I have a doubt:

    For me a WBS is this: http://ygraph.com/graphs/workbreakdownstructure-20111030T203220-kpd3y26.jpeg

    And this is a Project Schedule: http://images.brighthub.com/b5/b/b5befd87baa918eede7f8eb155b1947eeb66fe7_600.jpg

    Then, you as an expert, what’s the difference between this two things? Because you told WBS but show de Project Schedule in the article.

    Thank you so much,

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I will create a new post to explore the two images you posted. Both are correct! The problem is that out of the box, Microsoft Project does not allow you create the pretty WBS images – but I fully get what you are saying when comparing the traditional WBS image with that of a schedule. Watch out for a new article in the next few days, I will be sure to send you a link!

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