Core Foundation 1 – Physical Wellbeing

Core Foundation: It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. - Anonymous. #foundations #parkrun

Physical wellbeing is a core foundation! This goes hand in hand with sleep and eating a healthy lifestyle. I’m so proud to have completed my second Parkrun after 4.5 years of no physical training at all. The first of many more!

When life happens, physical welling is a core foundation that is one of the first to suffer. From there it is a like a house of cards – pull out a core foundation and it all comes tumbling down.

Going for a 10 minute walk will have positive benefits on our wellbeing! Walk in one direction for 5 minutes, turn around and walk back. 10 mins of walking done!

I’m creating a small series of wellbeing articles. This is the first post, the idea is to keep these short and simple. Future posts will be here: Foundations.

Core Foundation

If you want to know more, here is a great article from the UK Mental Health Foundation: See Lets Get Physical that provides an overview of the many ways in which physical activity can enhance our wellbeing.

Even small amounts of physical activity are sufficient to begin gaining the wellbeing benefits of physical activity. For example, for someone who has not exercised for long time a brisk 10-minute walk […] would be one way to begin. Many people feel that lack of time is a barrier to being physically active. Incorporating physical activity into daily routines […] may be more practical for some […].

UK Mental health foundation

Thanks to the team of supporters around me that made this possible!

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