Outlook is one of Microsoft’s oldest products — at nearly 22 years old, it is the same age as some of the fresh-faced interns that arrive on the company’s Redmond campus every summer. But it just keeps humming along, outlasting many programs and initiatives that have been conceived, released and discarded during its lifetime. Microsoft...
Today's workplace runs on teamwork. With the right tools, teams are more productive, more profitable, and more engaged.
Office 365 energises the traditional office suite with AI and Modern Workstream Collaboration. New, powerful applications are available to users, elevating the nature of work. A more dynamic, fluid, and virtual workplace becomes a reality.
Although email is not as productive as some other tools available, it does seem it may be here to stay, in conjunction with new solutions such as Microsoft Teams.
Physical wellbeing a core foundation, together with sleep & eating healthy. When things get stressful & life happens, these are the first to suffer.
Smart process apps (SPAs) are becoming essential for businesses to meet growing customer expectations where competitive pressure is driving organisations to look at process improvements.
In an increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones has become one of businesses’ biggest challenges. Since the majority of products have become highly commoditised, the only real point of differentiation available for organisations to leverage is the service and customer experience they deliver. Delivering excellent customer service and an...
With automated Accounts Payable solutions, organisations can expect to see a return on their investment within the first six to twelve months. From that point onwards, the solution starts generating increasing returns for the business. In fact, there are many benefits when automating the processes of receiving invoices, automated reconciliation of invoices against associated statements,...
Every now and then something great comes along from our amazing Afrikaans artists. This is one of them. Amazing. Some brilliant music here. Enjoy! Well done to Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid with “Toe vind ek jou”
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Inforgraphic: Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365